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About Carlos

I began my art career when my mother said that I was an artist being of the Chumash Indian background.  I was taught that the earth, wind, fire, sky and water were all parts of my pallet. 

As a high school student I was told by an art teacher that I had to find what style of art I do best and thenCarlos Cornjeo perfect it.   With that advice I went on to attend City College, became Art Council President and was chosen to be the designer for the City of Pasadena Rose Parade Float “1962”.  I attended the Chouinard Art Institute with the assistance of 3 scholarships from Pasadena City College.  There I was presented with a fellowship scholarship by Walt Disney.  I also attended Otis Art Institute of Fine Arts and Art Center of Los Angeles. 

After my tour in Vietnam, I began my professional art career.  My first endeavor was working as an Aero-Space Illustrator.  I then was employed as an Art Director of two well known advertising agencies.  In the advertising world, time was of the essence.  Therefore I learned how to do intricate freehand designs with great efficiency by the use of dots…

And so it began, finding what I do best.- Pointillism.  This style has become part of my living soul.  I do my best to capture the color of life and the spirit of expression.

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